Sleepy mist

Sleepy mist

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Baby E Sleepy Mist is the perfect linen spray to help you relax so you can enjoy a perfectly blissful sleep. 

  • Contains both lavender and chamomile traditionally used for relaxation and sleep purposes
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Reusable 50ml amber glass spray bottle
  • Hand made with love

How to use Baby E Sleepy Mist

  • Gently spray your pillows and sheets before climbing into bed at night
  • Work the spray into your kids’ bedtime routines. A soft spray of monster repellent not only chases away the scary boogiemen under the bed, but it also eases the way into the land of nod
  • Does your dog have a hard time relaxing when it’s time to take a trip in the car, or when fireworks or loud noises keep him awake? Lavender doesn’t only soothe the frazzled nerves of humans; it helps dogs as well. Not only that, the fragrance of lavender discourages fleas. Mist a few sprays of your sleep spray onto your dog’s bed or inside his crate before the dog settles down
  • Expecting elevated tempers during a discussion or family meeting? Help keep things under control with a spritz or two into the air above the spot where you’ll be sitting

What’s in Baby E Sleepy Mist? 

Organic ingredients of: distilled water, witch hazel, lavender oil, roman chamomile oil, frankincense oil, vitever oil, sweet orange oil & lots of love.

All essential oils used are of the highest quality, 100% pure and organic.