Dinosaur jungle kit
Dinosaur jungle kit
Dinosaur jungle kit

Dinosaur jungle kit

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Have fun in the dinosaur jungle with this epic Zzand Dinosaur Jungle set. Children who love dinosaurs and who love to get creative are going to have hours and hours of fun with this set!

The Zzand Dinosaur Jungle features this awesome and fun green Zzand. This may look like ordinary sand, but it is anything but ordinary! You see, this sand allows children to create all kinds of cool things with it. From volcanos, large mountains, creepy caves and anything else that they could imagine would have been around in the days of the dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are awesome and this set brings them back to life.

Also included are three cool dinosaur figures that they can play with in their hand-sculpted dinosaur jungle. The whole set is contained in its tray, so you never have to worry about the sand getting all over the place. This is special sand that is designed so it does not get stuck to their fingers and it will allow them to get really creative with what they come up with. Any child who loves making things and has an interest in dinosaurs is going to love this awesome set!


Suitable for ages 6 and up.

To be used under adult supervision.


Key Features:

  • This special sand allows children to create awesome things
  • The sand will not stick to their fingers
  • Three cool dinosaurs and some trees are included for imaginative play
  • Everything is contained in the cool packaging
  • The perfect gift for children who love dinosaurs and making their own adventures
Dinosaur jungle kit