Climbing frame scramble net
Climbing frame scramble net
Climbing frame scramble net

Climbing frame scramble net

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My Happy Helpers Scramble nets are an invaluable and unique addition to any Pikler set up or play space, providing hours of additional fun for your little ones. 

The nets come fully assembled out of the box and provide a unique opportunity for your little ones to perfect their balance and gross motor skills.

Use this scramble net to climb up and down from different heights or lay it flat between two items and use it as a part of an obstacle course.

Designed to be used with any of our Pikler Climbing Frames. 


Premium Birch PlyWood.

Varnished finish to ensure longevity and protection.

Compatible with all brands of Large Pikler Climbing Frames.

Please note, does not fit Bambino Piklers 

Premium Nylon Rope to ensure safety and longevity.


Size: 48 x 121cm x 8cm

Recommended Age: 18+ Months 

These nets have been carefully designed and comply with AU/NZ Standards however MUST be used with adult supervision at all times. Not designed to be used at a height above 55cm.

Please note, when using any of our Pikler Products, an Adult must be actively supervising.

Brand: my happy helpers

Climbing frame scramble net